The Work Package objectives are the following

  • Project Management & Dissemination (WP0) to manage the consortium and ensure the reporting to the Commission and the technical coordination with the partners. In addition this work package will also ensure the dissemination activities. WP0 will be led by Eurocontrol.

  • Air and Ground Trajectory Prediction (WP1) to have a better knowledge of the aircraft position forecast (air and ground data availability, accuracy and integrity) in order to assessing the feasibility and efficiency of any future automation project. The second objective is: from the results of the air and ground trajectory prediction model, an ATC mathematical model will evaluate the ability to a piori estimate in each case the probability of success of the trajectory prediction and the proportion of successful subliminal action as well as minor adjustments. WP1 will be led by Honeywell.

  • Definition of Concept of Operation (WP2) to elaborate the concept of operations from the C-ATM baseline, so that target objectives in terms of capacity, safety and efficiency are met in the 2011 – 2020 timeframe. At this stage confidence shall be gained in the fact that the ERASMUS operations will provide qualitative benefits and well detailed transition process. WP2 will be led by DSNA.

  • Prototype Development (WP3) to produce detailed specifications of the selected operational scenarios, in particular on the HMI/traffic information representation and to develop the prototype both for the controller and the pilot sides. WP3 will be led by DSNA.

  • Validation & Conclusion (WP4) to conduct validation processes in term of “proof of concept” assessment aiming at providing quantifiable benefit statements for the security, safety, capacity, efficiency and cost-benefits. WP4 will be led by Eurocontrol.